7 Natural Home Remedies Cure Chronic Bad Breath

 Bad breath, or the medical term, halitosis, is used to describe unpleasant odors coming from a person's mouth when they exhale with their mouth, or when they open their mouth to speak.

Bad breath, or the medical term, halitosis, is used to describe unpleasant odors coming from a person's mouth when they exhale with their mouth, or when they open their mouth to speak. Sulphur-producing bacteria that are found within the surface of the tongue and in the throat cause bad breath. Tooth decay and gum problems are also the common causes of bad breath. The objectionable odor to the breath comes from the abscesses in the gums with foul smelling pus as a result of dental decay at the roots of the teeth. These germs can still multiply and release foul odors even in the small holes in the teeth. Chronic bad breath is a more serious condition occurring in one out of four persons. The affected sufferers who are aware of their condition suffer low self-esteem and would try many methods to reduce their bad breath. The methods may usually work but only for temporary. If you're looking for some simple tips on how to cure chronic bad breath with natural home remedies, then you've come to the right place. 

1. Yes, you should brush after every meal, but if it isn't possible and you don't wish to brush after having a meal out at a restaurant, excuse yourself, visit the restroom and at least rinse your mouth well. This practice will go a long way toward healthy gums as well as reducing bad breath resulting from the bacteria remaining in the small bits of food. 

2. 4.Avoid eating foods with refined carbohydrates and sugars like cookies, sweets, cakes, carbonated soft drinks, ice creams and syrups.

3. Any type of leaves or herbs that have a fresh fragrance are also helpful. Many have found that chewing peppermint leaves or eating fresh parsley is a cure for chronic bad breath. With natural home remedies such as these, you are saving money, avoiding chemical ingredients, and aiding your digestive system as well. Most homeopathic remedies for bad breath also contain these essential oils as well.

4. Beets is an extremely efficient liver cleaner, but because it is also very potent, drink juice from one medium sized beetroot once a week, if you are a beginner, slowly increasing as you get more used to it. Cucumber is great for removing toxins but is also very cooling, so do not drink too much cucumber juice, especially for the women. 

5. Drink lots of water to keep your mouth moist. This can help your overall health as well. If you are drinking bottled water, you may be missing out on a valuable resource. Most community water systems include fluoride in your drinking water. This is one of the best bad breath cure.

6. 7.Mix a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to ? liter of water, simmer for 15 minutes, strain and drink as tea.

7. Bad breath is usually caused by only a few common problems. One of them is bacteria from food that is decaying after being stuck in the mouth, usually between teeth, and that hasn't been rinsed away. It may seem simplistic, but when considering a cure for chronic bad breath with natural home remedies, the first step is paying attention to your oral hygiene. Flossing and rinsing are key factors, as these two steps help to flush away those food particles that are missed with brushing.

8. The superior content of vitamins A, B complex and C in apples and oranges make these fruits essential in promoting the normal function of liver. Spinach is rich in its chlorophyll content and is a great blood cleanser. Juice and drink one medium sized apple and orange, and a small bunch of spinach. Add in one teaspoon of chlorella or spirulina.

9. Rinsing your mouth with salt water is a great home remedy for a sore throat. It is also good for eliminating bad breath. You might also try rinsing with lemon or lime water as well. Both are equally effective and may taste a bit more pleasant than salt water.
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