An Orange a Day

Oranges are one the best fruits to eat to get Vitamin C There are different types, such as navel and tangerines

Oranges are one the best fruits to eat to get Vitamin C. There are different types, such as navel and tangerines. It is recommended that a person eat at least one a day. Just one orange provides 100 percent of vitamin c. Oranges also have zinc, vitamin a and b, potassium, folic acid, and iron, just to name a few. Oranges have been known to help or prevent a range of medical illnesses, such as high blood pressure and cancer. In order to get the benefits, it is important to eat one orange a day.

Eating oranges has been known to prevent cancer. Liminoid a compound found in oranges has been found to prevent all types of cancers, from breast, mouth, skin, and colon cancer. Oranges protects cells from free radicals. It can also prevent lung, skin, and stomach cancer. One way to prevent stomach cancer is by drinking or eating foods that are loaded with vitamin c, such as oranges. 

Hesperidin is a flavanoid found in oranges can lower a person''s blood pressure. Flavanoids has been known to prevent heart disease to 50 percent. 

Drinking a glass of orange juice a day can easily prevent kidney stones. The kidney stones will not be able to form if more orange juice is consumed. 

The immune system will be able to fight infections and diseases by consuming vitamin c. Oranges stimulate white blood cells making the immune system strong. 

A man who wants to make sure that there sperm stays healthy, it is important for the man to drink a glass of orange juice a day or eat an orange. It has been know that when a man gets enough vitamin c, birth defects are lower. 

Consuming oranges daily has shown to get rid of the bad LDL cholesterol and prevent the risk of heart disease. A blind test was done with the group drinking one glass of orange juice for four weeks, then three glasses for four weeks after. Four weeks later, the group didn''t drink any orange juice and it was shown that the LDL didn''t change and HDL went up. With this finding, it was shown that the group was at risk of having heart disease. In order for someone with high cholesterol to prevent heart disease, they need to at least eat one orange a day or drink up to three glasses of orange juice. 

Oranges are also good as a snack when trying to lose weight. Clementine oranges are smaller oranges that are sweet and easy to peel. They are also seedless, which makes eating them a breeze. The sweet oranges have an enzyme called pectin, which curbs hunger. They are a low calorie snack with the same benefits as a bigger orange. 

Even though, drinking orange juice has its benefits, it is better to eat a whole, peeled orange. Drinking one glass of orange juice is like eating three oranges. A person that is trying to lose weight will become fuller eating the oranges for a snack, instead of the juice, itself.
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