Childhood Obesity Statistics - Raising An Alarm

 Do you know that childhood obesity is more dangerous that obesity at elder age Obesity at elder age is common and is due to age factor but childhood obesity is intensely harmful

Do you know that childhood obesity is more dangerous that obesity at elder age? Obesity at elder age is common and is due to age factor but childhood obesity is intensely harmful. Changing lifestyle of today?s children has contributed a lot in the present childhood obesity statistics which has raised an alarm. 

Obesity in children is not confined to one particular country, in fact it is a major concern allover the world. Recent scientific studies has shown that the number of children suffering from over weight problems have increased 4 times than those 40 years ago. And again the reason found behind this outcome is the changing lifestyle. More and more children love to eat out and everyone knows that their favorite food is junk food. Children cannot imagine their diet without burgers, pizzas, cold drinks, fried snacks, potato chips and a lot more, high calorie food items. 

In United States, it is found in a survey that the childhood obesity statistics in last thirteen years have doubled in case of pre school children. More than 16 percent pre school kids are found to be obese. Obesity calls for several health problems and major diseases. It is expected that if a child suffers obesity during is childhood it is very likely that he carries obesity even when he enters his adulthood. So, if your children have not got trapped in obesity related diseases then you are lucky but you have to take care about over weight of your children else results could be horrifying at their adulthood. 

Another main reason that is found for obesity in children at their childhood is genetic disorders. Obese children are more prone to diseases and if they follow obesity in their adulthood then the risk to catch related diseases also increases. Recent cases of children heart attacks have also been reported and reason came out mainly to be extra fats present in body of children. Due to overweight obese children also have to bear embarrassment and are teased by the mates. Sometime emotional pressure drags them into depression state. Obesity not only made them look ugly but also hurts their self-esteem. 

Some doctors and researchers also raise a point, that children today are not playing outdoor games and therefore their body lacks exercises and, hence fats starts accumulating in their body. Video games, junk food items, etc. are few reasons that continually changing the lifestyles of children and this is the reason on their obesity. 

The best way to avoid such problems is to switch to a healthy diet. You can keep a check, on your children eating habits and advise them to take healthy food items. Ask them to perform some exercises or play outdoor games. It helps them burn the fats present in their body. 

If your children are obese then first thing should do is visit a doctor and get the tests done. Tests will suggest the possible solution of overweight of children and help you adopt the best way to control the obesity in your children.

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