Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can result in adverse health conditions that could be incurable or even be fatal. Sugar in our blood stream is caused by the inability of the body to control the uptake of glucose into the body's cellular system. Drinking water can also helps in reducing the diabetes sugar levels. Diabetics are advised to drink plenty of water daily. And it doesn't mean drinking any other fluids like soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Just take plenty of water everyday. As is known to every body, the normal value of blood sugar for a fasting individual is 60 to110 mg/dl. And after eating, the value rises to 110 to 140 mg/dl. Any value above this is known to be a diabetic condition. To maintain it at this level is the task that is laid before any diabetic diet plan.

Due to ineffective insulin in our body, it becomes difficult to control blood sugar levels and hence cause diabetes. In order to control its levels without medicine, we should follow a strict diet regime and perform regular exercises. Due inefficient insulin, the blood glucose levels get disrupted. In order to prevent them we should completely avoid sugar intake. Excess sugar intake can be dangerous for a diabetic. Products like soft drinks, chocolates, cakes and packaged fruit juices should be prohibited from our diet.

Learning to control your own blood glucose levels is not that hard. The first thing you need to do is monitor your blood sugar by having it tested. Take note of your blood sugar level by checking it with your doctor. Take note of it and make sure that you can control it in the normal range all the time. Exercise is considered to be the best solution to maintain proper blood sugar levels. You need to be regular in doing these exercises and do them with full dedication. Eating fruits is also very important in the control of diabetes. Fruits that have citric acid, such as rose apple, apple, orange, and grapefruit, are especially recommended as these assist in weight reduction and therefore help in preventing blood sugar spikes.

Eat properly. Avoid caffeine, junk food and sodas. Refreshing drinks contain a huge amount of sugar that will make your blood glucose level go through the roof. As much as possible, stay away from bread, potato chips and anything baked with white flour, as they contain a large level of carbohydrates. NutriSystem is similar to the Glycemic Diet and it basically follows the glycemic index. Basically the diet consist of foods that have a direct affect with blood sugar. Insulin and muscle contractions are the most important stimuli that increase glucose transport into the interior of muscle cells. The cells can then use glucose for energy, said Cartee. But scientists do not know exactly how this works.

You should also avoid soft drinks. Instead, take in natural fruits and more fresh fruit juices, which are a lot better than the preserved variety. These should help you overcome your desire for sweets. Diabetics always need a nutritive diet for a better health and increased levels of energy. But if the nourishment is coming from the saturated fats then this is worst for diabetics.

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