Starvation Can End with the Planting of This One Tree

What is a Moringa/Malunggay Tree and how can one tree help end starvation?

Today thousands of children will die before the day is through. Thousands more will die tomorrow and every day this month. According to the British medical Journal, The Lancet, almost 40 percent of all child deaths

worldwide occur in the first month of life. Most of these newborn deaths occur is poor countries where the nutrition of the women both while pregnant and nursing is severely deficient. This grim statistic can be changed.

You may say that we have too many people on this earth anyway so why be concerned. How would you feel if it was your child or grandchild? We need to care because we are all part of the same human race no matter what race or religion. We need to care because when we do nothing to stop this death, when we turn our backs to this death, we are then part of the cause and the reason why that child died.

The Moringa Tree projects give hope to end the starvation in third world countries. It is carried on through organizations such as ECHO, Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, based in Florida. By learning about the Moringa Tree and becoming part of this movement, you will become part of the answer and solution in saving children's lives.

These research projects have already shown that eating the Moringa leaf powder helped children to maintain or improve their weight and overall health; helped pregnant women recover from anemic conditions; Improved birth weights and the quality of breast milk. This is why these projects are so important.

More Facts On This Miracle Tree

Its Latin name is Moringa Stenopetala. It is also called Amharic and the Cabbage Tree. Its native range is Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. It is also grown in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sudan, Nigeria, and many other countries. In Southern Ethiopia each family grows a Moringa Tree right outside their door or in their garden. The leaves are cooked like a vegetable with meals.

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