True cures for MS, Lyme Disease and others are covered up by Big Pharma.

Author:Christopher Gussa

Even in western medicine, the right antibiotics that penetrate the blood-brain barrier could be used somewhat successfully for the treatment of MS, but it is not the MDs protocol. Big Pharma doesn't just ridicule pioneering physicians in the field of curing MS by means of disparaging articles in medical magazines and journals, they go as far as suing them for malpractice.

Whenever a deceased MS-patient's brain is autopsied, Borrelia Burgdorferi spirochetes are found. MS responds positively to TCM antibiotic herb protocols that penetrate the blood-brain barrier. One of these protocols uses the traditional "Clear Toxic Fire" formula often used against Lyme Disease (Another disease caused by the same Borrelia Burgdorferi spirochete).

( As an important part of this protocol, "Clear Toxic Heat" is combined with the classic TCM formula known as "Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan" or The Central Qi Pill.

They deliberately do not delve into the real causes of disease because that would lead to the slaughter of the goose with the golden eggs: The need for eternal symptom relief. They control the careers of professors and scientists. They make and break politicians. They bribe "expert witnesses" into saying whatever they want in court. Politicians, judges and the people do not understand this topic anyway. They can act with impunity. They fool us into thinking they are there to help us.

We have given the largest business on Earth, the pharmaceutical industry, full control over our health. Since decades ago, Big Pharma funds virtually all research into disease and cure and controls academics and healthcare professionals.

In China, people used to pay their family doctors a modest monthly fee, but when they got ill, they stopped until the doctor helped them get better. Such a system tries to keep people healthy out of self-interest.

The modern healthcare monopoly has nothing to gain by keeping people healthy; on the contrary, the more symptom relievers sold, the more seaworthy the shareholder's yachts.

Since the early 1930's, the Rockefeller family privatized the US healthcare industry, and similar takeovers occurred in other Western countries. The result was a cartel controlling:

All medical textbooks,

All scientific research into the causes of disease,

All scientific research into the creation of medicines,

All published information about medical issues in popular and professional literature,

All national and international laws governing medicine and medicines

They are the world's most powerful lobby and they will not rest until every human being on the planet is their slave. Only when we are medicated from cradle to grave, only when we will be wholly dependent on their expensive pills, only when most of the money we make goes into their pockets will they be satisfied.

The pharmaceutical mafia is only interested in making a quick buck, and keeping us all sick enough to need symptom relievers - but not too sick that we are not able to pay our health insurance and taxes, which for a great part also disappears into their pockets.


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